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I spent 12 wonderful days at my friend’s in Paris (well, in a suburb of Paris). He was a brilliant tour guide – not once had I to look at a map. The downside of that? I wouldn’t be able to point at the places I’ve been to on a map, and all the names of the sights did probably not stick in my head (they included Saint-Michel, Notre-Dame, Quais de la Seine, Quartier Latin, Jardin des Tuileries, le Panthéon, La Sorbonne, Boulevard Saint-Michel, Le Sacré-Cœur, Montmatre, Le Moulin Rouge,  Châtele, Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF),… which I can ‘remember’ thanks to my friend’s email).

Paris is a vibrant city. Like most capitals it’s busy, usually quite crowded, and veeery touristy. There are many cafés, restaurants and boutiques (one in which I found a pretty awesome dress) and the city has a specially charming atmosphere at night.

What are Parisians like? My friend asked me what I thought of them; I didn’t and don’t know (I don’t know many and if I just observed people in Paris I could come to wrong conclusions since I might confuse them with tourists etc…).
Anyways, according to my friend they are ‘grey, sinister, gloomy…’ or so (he obviously should move back (shouldn’t you!? ;P)…). If that was indeed the case and ALL of them were rather unapproachable, there are quite some foreigners you could socialise or make friends with 😉

Particularly worth a visit for historians, inspiration-seeking artists, and – if you like – lovers of course (who does not know the famous ‘Kiss’ by Robert Doisneau)…


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