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Breaking Dawn (alias Breakdown)

I just need to gossip a bit.

Watched the new Twilight (Breaking Dawn) yet? I admit, I did, but I’ve got my excuses… like, you can so very well rant about it. Apart from the very shallow personalities…

1) A vampire can have sex?

My first thought when watching the sex-scene was ‘seriously? If you’re trying to portray fiction in a realistic way, stick to the facts!’. For an erection blood is necessary and vampires – as far as I know – don’t have blood.

However, what do they have instead?

According to vampire biology,vampires have ‘black’ blood (called ‘ichor’). So in theory, this sort of blood could allow an erection.

Elsewhere on the internet I read that apparently Edward’s blood was replaced with venom when he was transformed. Maybe this kind of venom can act as blood-substitute!?

At any rate though, vampires don’t have a heart, or heartbeat of any kind and thus there is no way the black blood, venom or whatever could get pumped through the body, which needs to be the case for an erection.

2) A vampire and sperm?

In the film everyone is like ‘can that be? Can vampires impregnate?’ but no answer is given. I haven’t read all of the books including ‘Breaking Dawn’ (and I definitely won’t after being tortured by the first novel), so don’t know whether some kind of answer is provided there, but apparently Meyer’s explanation was that ‘women’s bodies change, men’s don’t’. Absurd, really, as everybody’s bodies change. Furthermore, sperm needs ‘normal’ body temperatures and their production require some sort of ‘working’ system – which vampires don’t have.

Meyer also mentioned that the venom acted as semen. Yeah, right.
And it’s also a vampire’s saliva.
Seems like everything’s down to venom then.


Fair enough, Meyer has changed ‘facts’ from legends to make it more realistic, however some of her explanations are simply ridiculous. I think I would have been more happy if she had given ‘venom’, which seems to be responsible for most, a different name to make it more obvious that it’s a ‘special substance’ that allows several things.

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