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Perfectly Imperfect

In a world of media and fashion, it appears that not only things need to be perfect, also human beings. We see commercials with girls that have soft, spotless skin and ‘the’ perfect body shape, and boys that are faultless with some shiny six-pack. Even though we know that this portrait is not reflecting reality (to a very large extent at least), many people still (try to) live up to it. This is really frustrating when you hear that the number of people with eating disorders, for example, is increasing. It is time to change this misperception of perfection and beauty. People of all ages, colours and sizes are beautiful and perfect in their way. There is no ‘standard’ that we need to live up to! We are all different, and not only we have to accept that, but also our society! We should be proud of this variety, that no-one looks like one another!

Yes, women may have sagging breasts, dangling asses, tummies, cellulite, spots and whatsoever – and men have ‘faults’ too! Does that make them unattractive? No! In the end, we are all human, none of us is perfect, you like people because of their personality and if you fall in love with someone you don’t care about their number of spots or the yellowness of their teeth anyway – you love everything about them.

Life is not about looking perfect, it’s about living life! Enjoying it! Being yourself and not trying or pretending to be someone else just to look good. (for who, anyway?)

I know it’s not easy, I mean, I, too, often stand in front of the mirror disliking my this and that about myself. But I’m not perfect either. Not in the way I look, nor in the way I act. Still, life is a learning process; telling myself every time when I have these thoughts that it doesn’t matter helps, and maybe some day I will be able to accept myself with all my faults that do not and do make me who I am.

There has already been an increase but hopefully even more people will start acting against 0-size-models and ridiculous ideals of beauty and we will move towards a(n even) more open-minded society.

Have a look at this video (and do check out 8:15+):

3 comments on “Perfectly Imperfect

  1. Naomi Ogaldez

    I really enjoyed what you had to say! I totally agree with you in how the media has idealized how a woman and man should appear, which is unrealistic like you said.

  2. keeallchionnit

    But beauty is objective to some degree…saggy boobs or fat or whatever really are unattractive (and for good reason, they show that someone is past fertility, or more likely to have a heart attack or whatever), and it is hardwired into our brains to think that, and no amount of open-mindedness will change that, unless you genetically reengineer the human brain…in which case you might as well reengineer our bodies so that everyone is beautiful. Interesting post though.

    • G

      There are very thin/fat people who are born like that, they can’t do anything about it, and yeah, there are people who are slim/fat due to the way they eat, and that is unhealthy and possibly ‘naturally’ unattractive. Nevertheless, it’s not okay what media is doing – they are not promoting a HEALTHY lifestyle/weight, but rather the bottom line: and extremely thin people are not at all ‘healthier’ than fat ones. You’re probably right in identifying saggy boobs or so as an evolutionary indicator of fertility to promote reproduction, however, I would argue that fatness or so are ‘hard-wired into our brains’ – have a look at the history of beauty; not long ago plump women were preferred (look at this German article!)…

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