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What really matters

We had some kind of career-orientation lecture at uni recently. We were asked to stand up and only sit down if we disagreed with what they were saying. They said stuff like “I am willing to spend a long time at university” and those who were still standing at the end were told that the career ‘outlined’ was a clinical psychologist. One of their statements was along the lines of “I want a salary above the average”. At that moment, I was not sure whether I should sit down or not. Sure, who doesn’t want money? But wasn’t the question phrased a bit wrong? Maybe it should have been “I wouldn’t mind having a better salary than the average”. I personally would not do a job I didn’t enjoy entirely, just for the sake of a high salary. In the end of the day, I just need what I really need (place to sleep, bed, computer, food…), and everything beyond that is luxury, and luxury does not necessarily make one happy. Money can’t buy you happiness… What really matters in life, my apologies if that sounds utterly cheesy, are health and love (which links to relationships and friendships).

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