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Time to tell you a little about a place I lived in for some years – Grein, a town in (Upper) Austria, about an hour away from Linz (third-largest city of Austria and capital of the state of Upper Austria) and twenty minutes from Amstetten (closest ‘big’ city (with shopping centre etc) in Lower Austria).

Grein covers around 18.4 km2 and the population is more than 3000.

The city attracts many tourists every year – ferry and bus-tour passengers and especially cyclists (see the Danube cycle path).

You can spend your time exploring Grein’s beautiful surroundings (the Danube, hills, forests, waters…), its historical buildings or just relax in the famous (ice cream) café Schörgi (or somewhere else, of course).

Public transport is very good in Austria. The train station and bus stations are in the ‘centre’ of Grein (since it’s a small city nothing is really ‘far away’ anyway) so you can easily go to other places.

Beware that Grein is in Austria where a dialect of German (‘Ostmittelbairisch’) is spoken. However, people can generally comprehend and speak Standard German and younger generations know English.



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