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After three weeks in Navatrasierra (Extremadura) in Spain I spent three days in Madrid. Thanks to several bus-journeys out of and into the city, I saw that Madrid is much bigger than that A4-big-centre that you can walk through in a day. I spent my days walking from one corner to the other, sightseeing, meeting people and couchsurfing. It’s a pretty nice town with many nice buildings. It’s not that pricey for a capital, and, depending on when and where exactly you go, not too touristy.

If you want to go to another city you will need to go to the bus-station Méndez Álvaro. Before you start your journey, look up on the internet which bus-company you need to go to, otherwise it might get a bit messy (I speak from personal experience). From the airport to the bus station take Line 8 to Nuevos Ministerios and then change to Line 6 which goes to Méndez Álvaro.

Spanish people are generally open-minded, helpful, talkative – nice. At least those that I met! And the tourists you meet there, too.


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