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Darkness and Silence

People who are born incapable of seeing/hearing/speaking don’t know it differently and just live their lives. What, however, if an adult suddenly becomes blind/deaf/mute? How would you cope with the unexpected loss of a sense?

It’s astonishing how people can deal with disabilities (e.g. Extraordinary People – The boy who sees without eyes). If something happened to me, I would probably learn to live with it, too, still though, it’s horrible imagining myself unable seeing/hearing/speaking.

The least terrific scenario for me personally would probably be losing my voice. I love writing, so I guess I could get along with that. I would miss singing though, a lot. Oh well, and screaming in an outburst of fury ;). And casually chatting to my friends – it would be rather tedious to write down all my utterances.

Blind? No longer seeing anything? Living a dark life in darkness? That would be worse. I remember; I was about 13 years old. One day in school I suddenly started feeling terrible. I had a strong headache and my vision started becoming blurred and dark. I really, in all honesty, thought I was about to become blind. In the end, I didn’t, fortunately.

The worst scenario would be losing my ability to hear. I would no longer be able to hear music. To hear. Hear sounds, words, different languages. That would definitely be devastating for me. I think I would feel cut off from the world.

I hope I will not lose any of my senses soon and be able to seize them all for much longer; see the words I am writing, hear the music motivating me to keep on going, and say out loud to myself: Life’s good (at least, at times 😉 ).


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