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Being public in the public?

One vital decision you’ve gotta make when you start blogging or something alike (like posting youtube videos etc) is what name you’re going to use, i.e. whether you’re going to give away who you really are or just use some random username.

I’m all over the internet (facebook, blog, youtube, modeling stuff, uni stuff), like oh so many others. When I first got into it all, I tried to keep my identity anonymous (i.e. people who watch my youtube-videos merely knew what I looked like (and my very bad username (youtube should really start allowing people to change their usernames!)),  people reading this blog mainly knew about stuff I was thinking about, etc). My reasons were:

1) Hackers? When I was younger, I received a letter from some weird internet company claiming some hundred bucks – allegedly I had used their service. Bollocks. And now I’ve just read this article, “How to disappear completely” in The Skinny, June 2011. It says, we’re all nobodies but still, hackers can hack big companies and get emails, passwords, credit card data and so on. To be saver you should use disposable emails, and generally be another person (don’t give away your real identity – use fake birthdays, addresses etc)… I know people who seem not to care about all that. They even put their CV online…

2) Stalkers? Some years ago I started mailing a guy to improve my language skills. He seemed nice at first, but then he started talking about love, his future plans, that he was in love with me, his future plans with me… He found me on fb even though I had never told him my surname. Uhm…

3) Evaluation? Am I trying to ‘hide’ coz I’m scared of being evaluated? Well, I don’t really care what people who I don’t know think about me. However, as for acquaintances, i.e. people that don’t really know me (yet), I do sometimes worry that they might get a wrong impression or so. I guess I shouldn’t bother though. I am who I am (!), if they judge me before knowing me better – well. Their bad.

At this stage, I’m happy to be ‘less anonymous’ as my real-me-Gina on my blog, here. Since I’m so very popular on youtube and get quite a few proposals now and then I’ll probably leave them with my (still bad) username. I’d just never go as far as sharing my contact details anywhere on the internet, and I really recommend that to anyone else!! 😉

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