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Glee – not for me

her facial expression captures my thoughts about the tv show

A couple of months ago I asked a friend whether she could recommend me any films or the like. She said “watch Glee, it’s great fun, with music and stuff, you know“. I had heard of it before but never looked into it, thus I didn’t really know what it was about. So I started watching the first episode. And. Urgh. I mean. Really? I admit, I did watch High School Musical (of which Glee seems to be some sort of copy) and did (!) not find it that bad. But hey, I was 15 or so, I urge the use of the past tense here.

I managed to watch the episode till I finished dinner, then I gave up. Bad actors. Bad filming. Bad music. Just bad. Maybe it was just the first episode (i.e. the first 15 minutes or so). I doubt that though. Just another cheesy teenage musical comedy-drama television series, may be something for 12-15 year olds, but definitely not for me.

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