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Lake Garda (Sirmione, Val di Sogno, Isola dell’Olivo, Malcesine)

In summer 2008, my sisters and I went to Lake Garda for two days. On our first day we went to Sirmione. It was quite touristy and very hot. As you go into the centre you cross the beautiful Scaliger Castle (Castello Scaligero, photo 1). The old town is full of narrow streets, boutiques, antique shops, coffee shops and restaurants (photo 2). But to be honest, we didn’t walk around much, we spent most of the day at the pebble beach…

On our second day we stopped in Val di Sogno (photos 4 and 5) to swim to the little island Isola dell’Olivo (nice workout of 20-30 minutes, photos 6 and 7). I definitely recommend doing that!

Our final destination was Malcesine (photos 8 and 9). About double the size of Sirmione and quite similar to, I guess, most “cities” around the lake: a touristy place with many shops, coffee shops & co =)


Lake Garda


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