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I haven’t really been to that many cities in Germany yet, but as for now, Bremen is the one I  like most.

Bremen and Bremerhaven on the North Sea form Germany’s smallest federal state. Bremen’s area is roughly 327 km2 and about 550,000 people inhabit the city.

I’ve been to Bremen twice (in winter) – did some sight-seeing, shopping and enjoyed the beautiful Christmas market (Bremer Weihnachtsmarkt). What makes me like Bremen so much is simply the atmosphere. How can you define a nice atmosphere, what creates it? I guess it’s to do with the beautiful buildings, the history they represent, the tales about the city, the (friendly 😉 ) people living there, and more which you can find out for yourself when you visit the city 🙂

What I recommend seeing:

Böttcherstraße“: a street running from the main square towards the river. Fine facades with very detailed designs, a Glockenspiel, shops, museums,…

Bremer Rathaus” (Town Hall): well worth seeing, it’s on the UNESCO World Heritage List

Roland” (statue on the main square, photo 1 below): the “protector of the city”

Schnoor-Viertel“: area of twisting lanes with old medieval buildings, the “Bremer Kunsthalle” (museum of art), many shops and the “Hochzeitshaus“, the world’s smallest hotel (=one room, for newly wed couples)

Bremer Stadtmusikanten” (Town Musicians of Bremen, photo 2 below) – the most well-known figures associated with Bremen from the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale

St. Petri Dom” (Bremen Cathedral) and “Domtreppenfegen” – if you’re still single when you turn 30, you have to sweep the cathedral’s staircase. This tradition dates back to 1890 and has spread from Bremen to various German cities.

Universum Bremen (photo 3 below): hands-on science centre. It’s great and worth every penny

Weser (river through the city) and “Hansekogge/Roland von Bremen” (replica of the “Bremer Kogge” (wreck of a cog dated to 1380) which can be found in the German Maritime Museum) (photo 4 below)

Since images (got more in an album, will scan and upload them when I can) can sometimes tell more than words…

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