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Review: Children of Mother Earth (by Thea Beckman)

Thea BeckmanEight centuries after WW3, in 2800, a devastating nuclear disaster has shifted the axis of the earth and made large areas uninhabitable.
Thule, former Greenland made prosperous by climate change, is ruled by women (a council composed of women and the “Konega”, the leader – sort of queen), as men are said not to be able to govern because they seek power and only think about themselves. The community tries to life in harmony with nature, or Mother Earth, violence is forbidden, everything belongs to everyone and concepts like money, profit and status do not exist.
One day, an expedition from the Baden State, a country in former Europe that is ruled by a male monarch (Egon) who tries to stretch his power across the world, berth and pose danger to Thule due to their different ideologies. The current Konega, Armina-Dottir, tries to protect her people and state. But how does a country that has sworn off war and doesn’t have army nor weapons defend itself? Furthermore, the Konega’s only son, Christian, is making trouble. He is supposed to marry a girl from the Thulian aristocracy to produce the next Konega but actually loves a common girl, which makes him wonder whether a world ruled by men might actually be better. So when the ship of solely male expedition members arrive he welcomes the strangers as opposed to his mother…
The first part of the Thule trilogy is packed with adventures and educational content; it teaches about politics, morals, the environment, ideology, friendship and love. It’s definitely not just a children’s book. My mother really enjoyed it, too, when reading it to me, and the last time I read it was when I was 15 and I would read it again any time.
Thea Beckman creates a completely different world and makes one wonder whether it is possible to learn from our mistakes in history, whether it would be possible to live in “perfect harmony” with other people and nature, and if females are actually better in dealing with power and responsibility 😉

One comment on “Review: Children of Mother Earth (by Thea Beckman)

  1. yesssje

    I love the books to. i wou.d realy like to see someone making a movie serie

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