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Darkness and Silence

People who are born incapable of seeing/hearing/speaking don’t know it differently and just live their lives. What, however, if an adult suddenly becomes blind/deaf/mute? How would you cope with the … Continue reading

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And immediately you’ve got an image in your head – after reading that title – right!? Oh stereotypes, what would there be without them! What are stereotypes actually, you may … Continue reading

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Simple English. Maybe not.

Quite a few times when I passed those ever-so-boring-never-changing notes on our kitchen walls (student flat), I wondered about the following: “…and switch the cooker off”. Why not: “…and switch … Continue reading

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Glee – not for me

A couple of months ago I asked a friend whether she could recommend me any films or the like. She said “watch Glee, it’s great fun, with music and stuff, … Continue reading

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Being public in the public?

One vital decision you’ve gotta make when you start blogging or something alike (like posting youtube videos etc) is what name you’re going to use, i.e. whether you’re going to … Continue reading

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My name

Ever since I can remember, I haven’t been particularly happy with my name (Gina). I used to make up names (like, really. Say, “Mukarabinkidu” (may be a name somewhere around … Continue reading

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Foreign Language vs £££££

Students applying to universities in England, Wales and Northern Ireland for entry in September 2012 will be facing tuition fees of £6,000 to £9,000. How could they possibly avoid this? … Continue reading

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Review: Children of Mother Earth (by Thea Beckman)

Eight centuries after WW3, in 2800, a devastating nuclear disaster has shifted the axis of the earth and made large areas uninhabitable. Thule, former Greenland made prosperous by climate change, … Continue reading

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