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About a word that’s been used on 9 websites, according to google search results. 10 with this post.*

A vivid discussion on facebook yesterday. I wrote “ich popp kurz aufm Nachhauseweg vorbei“ on a friend’s wall. Literally “I pop briefly on-the way-home over” meaning “I’ll briefly pop in … Continue reading

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One date. Many options.

Whenever I need to write a date I wonder about the format. May 7. 7 May. 7th May. 7th of May. May 7th. Everything right and nothing wrong? Apparently yes; … Continue reading

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When I smell the scent of it, I know a sip will make it all better. When I see the light liquid, I know it flowing through my body will … Continue reading

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Do I look like a…?

Has someone ever turned to you saying “You (don’t) look like a ( (your) name)”? Sure, there’s not one name that fits one face, still, I often look at people … Continue reading

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This (German) word is ace. It’s like ‘Schadenfreude’ – the (not existing) English equivalent simply can’t hold a candle to it. Comfort food. Right. NERVENNAHRUNG. Hell yeah. Literally: “nervesfood” or … Continue reading

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Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain

I was just listening to the soundtrack of Amélie (i.e. Yann Tiersen). Honestly, there are few films that I love as much as I love this one, and usually when … Continue reading

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I had this conversation with someone about something and at some point this ‘word’ came up and I remembered, having looked it up some time ago, that it meant something … Continue reading

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