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Music is everywhere. Even though it is kind of impossible to know what exactly music was and meant to our ancestors millions and billions of years ago, I believe that it was part of ‘our’ lives ever since.

For me, music starts with rhythm which is created with different ‘instruments’ – be it your hand clapping on your leg or a stone hammering on the floor. That creates tones and consequently melodies. We can use our bodies (hands, feet, voices…) to make sounds, as well as (highly sophisticated) instruments. Apart from that more ‘obvious’ kind of music (say, songs), it is actually pretty much everywhere around us; not only birds singing, but also rain dropping on the ground, or even your heartbeat, your breath.

I believe that music is somewhat inborn (not innate!). There are people who just have it running through their veins and others that simply can’t reproduce a tune or find the right rhythm. Some are more gifted than others, some are more encouraged, some people like music but are absolutely unmusical and there are probably also people who don’t like music at all (which I really cannot understand 😀 ). For me, music is what brightens up life and brings more colour into it.  When I listen to music, I can just be myself, immerse myself in it, move my body to the rhythm, dance, express myself in a completely different way. When I’m feeling great, music can increase my happiness and when I’m lonely or upset, it can be ‘there’ for me, ‘understand’ me and cheer me up.

When I was younger I learnt the recorder, the violin and the piano, I had singing lessons and was in a choir. For quite a while I dreamt of becoming a singer. However, looking at the competition out there and having discovered other things that I enjoy at least as much as music, I’m quite happy to keep composing, singing and dancing just for myself. No-one will ever be able to take music away from my life, after all, with every pulse- and heartbeat it flows through my body (and my tinnitus will probably entertain me until my very end, too).


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