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A wengerl ondas*

*ein bisschen anders in Standard German (a bit different) I remember me sitting in front of Dr Bert Vaux and another professor in my interview at Cambridge. I told them … Continue reading

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Music is everywhere. Even though it is kind of impossible to know what exactly music was and meant to our ancestors millions and billions of years ago, I believe that … Continue reading

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Jeux d’Enfants

I recommend – Love Me If You Dare (French: Jeux d’Enfants). One of the craziest films I’ve ever seen!   I have to admit, the trailer makes you rather think … Continue reading

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A new word is born.

You do that sometimes? Hang around somewhere, not really doing anything, just observing, watching, looking at, fantasising about other people, wondering what their lives might be like and whether your … Continue reading

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Aujourd’hui, maman est morte.

The first line of ‘l’Étranger’ (the Stranger) by Albert Camus. Two weeks (or so) ago I had a chat about this book with some mates who had to read it … Continue reading

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96 words in 24 hours.

When I learn, say, Spanish vocab, I read a word once or twice and usually know it. When it comes to Arabic, however, it takes around 10 minutes longer (okay, … Continue reading

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Friday 13

Yesterday was Friday the 13th. One of at least one and at most three Friday-the-13th-s a year (and the only one this year). There are quite a few theories about the … Continue reading

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About a word that’s been used on 9 websites, according to google search results. 10 with this post.*

A vivid discussion on facebook yesterday. I wrote “ich popp kurz aufm Nachhauseweg vorbei“ on a friend’s wall. Literally “I pop briefly on-the way-home over” meaning “I’ll briefly pop in … Continue reading

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One date. Many options.

Whenever I need to write a date I wonder about the format. May 7. 7 May. 7th May. 7th of May. May 7th. Everything right and nothing wrong? Apparently yes; … Continue reading

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When I smell the scent of it, I know a sip will make it all better. When I see the light liquid, I know it flowing through my body will … Continue reading

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