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Another kind of poem

In this dinosaur comic, T-Rex says: “Maybe if you’re writing poetry, you could write a poem with only female nouns and then one with only male nouns, and that could … Continue reading

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OMG – Other Musing (by) Gina

If you haven’t heard of it yet; the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) added abbreviations (‘initialisms’) such as omg (“oh my God”), lol (“laughing out loud”) and fyi (“for your information”) … Continue reading

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Sharing a planet

A truly wonderful video, made in 14 months in 42 different countries with a cast of thousands. Very inspiring (not in terms of his dance style though 😉 ), showing … Continue reading

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Yesterday was April Fools’ Day. I used to play April Fools’ Day jokes every year. “I won in the lottery”, “I broke my arm”, “I’m going to uni in the … Continue reading

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