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The Royal Wedding

Less than one week to go. If someone asked me, I’d advise against this public celebration. Not only that it costs £20 million, a lot of money that could be spent so much better, but also because the wedding puts millions of people who will gather in London on Friday in danger since terrorists have already “threatened to turn April 29 into a ‘nightmare’ “. Sure, it is a big thing and may mean a lot to the Royal Family and the nation – but is it really worth it? Wouldn’t a small, secret ceremony with later on publishing of photos/videos totally suffice? That would be cheaper, safer for everyone and also a lot less stressful for the couple.

At any rate, I do believe that the two have good chances of growing old together happily and I hope that Friday won’t end in a ‘nightmare’. Well, who does not secretly wish for the wedding to turn out like this:

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