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An option.

I recently watched an episode of Desperate Housewives. Beth commits suicide by shooting herself in the head. It looks so easy. But is it that really?

Honestly, who has never thought about suicide? Well maybe there are some über-happy people, but I doubt that any life is totally perfect and I’m pretty sure that every person has some kind of mental breakdown at some point in their lives and thinks of suicide. But then again, thoughts are just thoughts. The majority of people find something to make them hold onto life. May it be others i.e. love, or simply hope. What does it take to actually do it? Do you need to be completely out of your mind for a long time, or can a moment of despair be enough? If a person was just struggling in life and did not have anything worthwhile living for left, maybe it would be best for him ‘to go’ after all? Still, you never know. There is a chance for things to get better. Hope, which holds many back to actually do it. Hope for better times. And maybe not even hope but knowledge that better times will come.

Death may come as a release, but it means the end of life. I’m neither against nor for suicide. I think if a person is aware of what he is doing and if he thinks this is the only solution for him, then maybe it is. After all, I believe that everyone is free to do whatever one chooses to do.
However, you don’t know what comes after death. Would you really want to die by your own hand and take away the possibility for you to be happy again and enjoy life? Leave it all behind? Loved ones? All the things you haven’t tried yet?

In the end of the day, I’d say try to look at the bright side of life even if there doesn’t seem to be one at times. Don’t give up just because of a bagatelle, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Recommended reading: “Daring to Die” by Karen Springen in the Scientific American Mind (January/February 2010), 20, 40-47

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