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Everyone feels lonely sometimes, but there are people who seek loneliness. Wikipedia states nicely:

They may feel they can view things reflectively, mature much faster, seek knowledge, reach their goals more easily, and be more focused on the task at hand. Disconnected from the people around them, they are more likely to make their own decisions and avoid peer pressure.

However, is it possible to be happy all alone? Or do we need social interaction?

I used to be a person who really enjoyed solitude. Not only the aspects quoted above had made me ‘choose’ to be ‘a loner’, but I guess also something in my childhood had made me think ‘people only hurt you, so better don’t let anyone get close’. However, in the end of the day I realised that no matter how ‘bad’ it is with people, it is worse without them. ‘Stuck’ in my room, focusing on my studies and not having much to do with ‘the outside world’ didn’t do me any good.

Humans need social contact; a good chat and laugh now and then, someone to confide in, and above all, love – be it parental, from friends or a partner. And even though I still enjoy being by myself and sometimes can’t wait to be alone in my room after having being with (too many) people (for too long), I feel how important it is to me to have friends who care about me and who I care about.

My conclusion: socialising is healthy! I can’t say more than this website:

Many studies have found that social interaction has a major role in improving health and the fact that all folk cultures value this interaction is strong evidence of the power of social interaction.

(re title; just playing around: asocial, social, a social one, alone, a social one alone… 🙂 )

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