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OMG – Other Musing (by) Gina

schadenfreudeIf you haven’t heard of it yet; the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) added abbreviations (‘initialisms’) such as omg (“oh my God”), lol (“laughing out loud”) and fyi (“for your information”) to their lexicon. I have to admit, lols have become quite frequent in my own speech and omgs are getting there bit by bit, too (never used fyi before though). Some people argue that this is bad for the English language. I disagree. Life changes, language changes, and people will always come up with new words. Putting a whole idea into one ‘word’ is a great thing! Maybe soon there’ll be the word medfosem for the concept “malicious enjoyment derived from observing someone else’s misfortune (best definition found for the German word Schadenfreude to make a word of) (instead of simply borrowing Schadenfreude). Furthermore, it allows us to get that wee bit of information in a text message limited to 160 characters  🙂



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  1. Gina

    And check this out: – it’s pretty lol 🙂

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