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Twins’ Argot

Seen that video yet?

That makes one think, doesn’t it? Do they actually ‘understand’ each other? If yes, how? Rather unlikely that the  “dadada… dadadadada…. bababa… a dadada… ” (as far as I could here) actually carries any meaning. But they really look as if they were able to understand each other in some way. Maybe it’s down to body language (I doubt that ‘being-a-twin’ gives one some sort of mind-reading ability). I mean, if I’ve got a full mouth, for example, my facial expressions and gestures and “hmhmmmm nn mhmhm hnhn” could still give my listener(s) some cues as to what I wanted to say.

This video actually reminded me of the film ‘Nell‘ (1994, starring Jody Foster), that I watched years and years ago, where the twins Nell and May had a language of their own. This brings me to idioglossia; a language invented and spoken by only one or very few people, mostly referring to ‘private languages’ of young children, especially twins, which is specifically known as cryptophasia (‘twin talk/speech’) and might develop for more interpersonal communication between themselves than with their parents. This website explains:

babies… All babies babble incoherent sounds; it’s their way of practising vocalization and making the connections in their brain that lead to language development. However, twins may give the appearance that they actually understand each other’s babbling … thus the perception that they share a “secret language”. As they grow up and repeat each other’s vocalizations, it may appear that they are talking in a secret language, while they’re really just mispronouncing sounds and words

Whether that’s true or not (little is known about cryptophasia), I prefer the idea of twins having an ‘actual’ secret language (like Nell and May). I wished I was a twin and had one with my twin sister/brother.  Then I could add another language to my fb profile 🙂 (constructing one myself would probably be a little sad cos I wouldn’t have anyone to talk to in it (except for myself (well I could publish it on the internet (but that’s another story))))…

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