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(Do) you need to keep it complicated (?)

When revising Spanish I came over a nice text by Ramón Civedé. I shall translate it here for you. The original is called “No hay que complicar la felicidad

No need to complicate happiness

In a park. A girl and a boy are sitting on a stone bench under some trees. They kiss.

He – I love you.
She – I love you
(They kiss each other again)
He – I love you
She – I love you
(They kiss each other again)
He – I love you
She – I love you
(He stands up violently)
He – Enough! It’s always the same! Why, when I tell you that I love you, don’t you reply, for example, that you love someone else?
She – Who else?
He – Anyone. You should say that so that I’ll be jealous. Jealousy feeds love. Our happiness is too simple. It needs to be more complicated. Do you understand?
She – I didn’t want to confess it because I thought you’d suffer. But you’ve guessed it.
He – What have I guessed?
She – That I love someone else.
He – You say that to please me. Because I asked you.
She – No, I love someone else.
He – Who?
She – Someone else.
He – So it’s true?
She – (She leans back. Sweetly:) Yes, it’s true.
(He walks around. He appears to be very angry)
He – I’m jealous. I’m not pretending. I’m jealous. I’m dying of jealousy. I want to kill this other person.
She – (Sweetly:) He’s there.
He – Where?
She – There. Between those trees.
He – I’ll go look for him.
She – Be careful. He’s got a gun.
He – I’m brave.
(He leaves. Left alone, she laughs. The shot of a firearm is heard. She stops laughing.)
She – Juan.
(Silence. She stands up.)
She – Juan?
(Silence. She disappears between the trees.)
She – Juan
(Silence. The scene remains empty. One hears, further away, her heart-breaking scream:)
She – Juan!
(After a moment, the curtain falls silently)

The moral of the story? I guess you can figure that out yourself 😉

2 comments on “(Do) you need to keep it complicated (?)

  1. michellekealt

    So juan really died? but she lied about loving someone else?

  2. Margarita Vargas

    The play is by Argentinian Marco Denevi.

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