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Evil: Good or Evil?

  • Natural evils: occur naturally (earthquakes, floods, plagues)
  • Moral evils: inflicted by people on other people
  • Atheists say a benevolent God cannot exist simultaneously with evil.
    As evil exists, God cannot. (If God was good, why would he allow bad things to happen?)
  • Apologists recognises that evil exists but good things come of it (this makes God a utilitarian).
    God’s good plans can only be realised through a certain amount of suffering (short-term bad for long-term good).

Does good arise from evil?
Can we justify the brutality and agony of some events?

If good comes from evil, the existence of evil is a problem for theists.

The idea that evil is necessary for good is difficult to sustain.

  • Evil is caused not by God but by human freedom. God is said to be able to do all that can be done/that is logically possible. God gave us free will, so we are also given freedom to commit evil. He couldn’t have made us ‘a little bit free’ – either totally free or not free at all. God is responsible for giving us free will but we are responsible for the evil itself.

I personally do not believe in God or another form of omnipotent being.

Natural ‘evils’ – catastrophes – have happened all the time and probably maintain the natural constancy of our environment. Moral evils surely are our own decisions. I don’t believe that any human is fully innocent and good, except for maybe little children. Evil is part of us.

I believe in free will, but not that someone has given it to us. Each person carries his own life in his own hands. We can influence lives of others – help, support or destroy – live quietly ever after or have a strong impact. Future is not destiny but the way of our decisions. If someone decided to let evil rule his life and, for example, run amok, he might kill thousands of innocent people. Most would evaluate this as an evil act, however, if God did exist, these deaths might serve an equilibrium in terms of overpopulation, giving an evil side to balance life. As this would be a cruel way, though, why did God not just limit the amount of children we are able to conceive? Then he could have made us all good and caring without any evil features. Furthermore, he could have given all of us a greater sense to protect our planet, which would have allowed him to be less ‘worried’ about the survival of his ‘creation’ and not to have environmental catastrophes happen to balance life.

However, life is how it is. We have to accept that we are here, for whatever reason, and created by whomsoever with all features that we have. Evil is part of our existence, whyever, and we have to live with it.


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