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Twins’ Argot

Seen that video yet? That makes one think, doesn’t it? Do they actually ‘understand’ each other? If yes, how? Rather unlikely that the  “dadada… dadadadada…. bababa… a dadada… ” … Continue reading

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A Scottish friend asked a German friend yesterday evening whereabouts she came from. We then watched a film (‘V for Vendetta’) where a character used that word, too. “Why whereabouts?”, … Continue reading

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Maybe this is just something I believe to have picked up from somewhere even though I actually made it up myself, but even if so, it doesn’t sound wrong to … Continue reading

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(Do) you need to keep it complicated (?)

When revising Spanish I came over a nice text by Ramón Civedé. I shall translate it here for you. The original is called “No hay que complicar la felicidad” No … Continue reading

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Evil: Good or Evil?

Natural evils: occur naturally (earthquakes, floods, plagues) Moral evils: inflicted by people on other people Atheists say a benevolent God cannot exist simultaneously with evil. As evil exists, God cannot. … Continue reading

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Noone shutin halfanhour

(re title: to follow up “so much for our auxiliaries”…) I’ve been reading a translation of a Spanish play and came across some bizarre spellings: “noone” “shutin” and “halfanhour” (to … Continue reading

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Ich liege in meinem triefenden Bett. Die Flüssigkeit hat sich tief in das Leinen gesogen. Es kühlt meine erhitzte Haut. Ich liege mit ausgestreckten Armen, da. Starre in deine nackten … Continue reading

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Cloning is the production of a complete organism or a part of a vital organism, based on genetic information (DNA) which was taken from an already existing organism. The first … Continue reading

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From 100 down to… ?

It’s a sad story that began more than two and a half years ago. I had always been “the best” student in my English class. So I was very confident … Continue reading

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