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Giving or Taking

Since I touched upon abortion in my last post, I thought about the topic a little more. In a century of sex and business (i.e. women start having sex very young and want careers), many women consider an abortion in favour of a youthhood or/and career.

When thinking about abortion, there are many questions that should be tackled:

When does life begin? Can a foetus be considered ‘alive’? If yes, should it have rights? Who can say when life begins? ‘God’? Doctors? Whose decision is it ultimately – the mother’s or the father’s? Or even the government’s?

Doctors suggest that a baby’s life begins in about week 24, when its nervous system is fully developed and it starts to feel. Many religions on the other hand think that life begins at conception and thus abortion is killing a human being and should therefore not be allowed. Others belief that life doesn’t begin until the foetus can survive independently of its mother. (more)

Whatever the answer may be, I personally consider individual aspects as more important. Are the parents mature enough to raise a child? Can they afford a child? Do they really want it, would they love it?

Is it the mother’s decision? A woman has the right to decide over her own body and her future – but the latter would affect the father, too. So what about him? Physically it’s the woman undergoing abortion, but the mental and emotional factors are also with the father. What if the father wanted the child, but not so the mother? Would/should her body rights come first? Maybe, after all, the Government should make the decision based on questions such as: Would the parent(s) be able to support the child? Do they have a job? Are they mentally ready, i.e. mature and responsible enough to raise a kid?

In my opinion, abortion is totally acceptable. In a world of restricted free will, people should at least have the right to decide over this aspect in their lives, because a child changes everything. Furthermore, our world is already overpopulated and instead of having an own child, people should think of adoption!
Nevertheless, I can understand people who do not want to have an abortion, even if advisable for them (due to financial issues, for example). Abortion brings along many risks, such as damage to the reproductive system that could make the woman unable to conceive again, weakened cervix, blocked fallopian tubes, increased chances of breast, uterine and cervical cancer and most importantly, psychological harm, grief, regret and even depression (more). As long as you are/your partner is not pregnant, you can say anything, but once you feel/see/hear that there’s ‘something’ inside your (partner’s) body that’s developing into such a complex ‘thing’ as you are, the miracle of life might overwhelm you with emotions (of love ) and change everything…

6 comments on “Giving or Taking

  1. monikarudzinskaite

    In my opinion, abortion is totally acceptable. In a world of restricted free will, people should at least have the right to decide over this aspect in their lives, because a child changes everything.‘ – So you consider that a child is like a toy: if you don’t want it, you can just throw it away. I am strongly convinced that this tiny life has nothing to do with your desire to express freedom and independence, because it is NOT yours. Do you think that you belong to your parents? I think you would answer with no – I belong to myself. So how can you decide for something, which in fact is not yours? Which is something more powerful than you?…
    I am totally against abortion in any case. If you are not ready for a child, you should use some kind of contraception (or simply don’t have any sexual relations). If it happens that you are pregnant, it means that it was supposed to be like that and you should not be allowed to change anything (not legally, but MORALLY). If you had an abortion, you would never forgive yourself for that mistake and that would be the biggest burden in the rest of your life. No man can cope with murder (and abortion is in fact murder).

    • G

      I wouldn’t say that foetuses are toys or anything alike. I see them more as a “potential”, one that can be seized or not. I believe that an unborn does not belong to itself yet. Yes, I do belong to myself NOW but I didn’t when I grew up. Especially childhood forms your personality. And that is determined by your parents and their decisions. There are so many parents out there who I think should not be parents – just switch on the TV. Their kids become useless due to wrong upbringing or psychologically ill because they are unloved or mistreated.
      If a person decides to have a baby, he/she dedicates her whole life to it. For some people this might be the meaning of life, but not for others. So you suggest, people who do not want to reproduce should simply not have sex. But then, why were we given pleasurable sensations during intercourse? You might argue that this was regulated by nature in this way in order for us to have plenty of intercourse to guarantee reproduction, sure. But life has changed in many ways. Women work. Many men are no longer hunters. Overpopulation is a growing issue. Limited resources. People are more aware of life than ever and want to enjoy it. And sex has become part of that. Sure, people who don’t want to have kids should use contraceptives in order to prevent themselves from having to make a decision for or against abortion. Nevertheless, contraceptives are not always reliable. Here you say, this might be supposed to be like this. Well, you seem to believe in destiny. Some people don’t though and their decision is simply up to them. I can tell for myself, if I was pregnant and it felt wrong in some way, I would not regret an abortion. Sure, I might wonder now and then “what if…” – but abortion would have changed my “destiny” – and maybe it would have been supposed to be like that…

  2. Gille-Chrìost

    Does a possibility that the child will have a bad life or be ‘useless’ or be ‘pyschologically ill’ balance with the certainty of death if it is aborted? Is it justifiable to kill because they MIGHT suffer or their parents MIGHT be inconvenienced? Euthanasia of very ill people is very contentious and unpalatable to many people – but at least you can be sure that those people are suffering, and by killing them, you are doing something definitely good in ending their suffering. But can you justify killing a human being / potential human being because they might suffer? And many people have tough childhoods and good-for-nothing parents and suffer a great deal, but most of them still want to be alive. On the other hand, people who have had a life of love and comfort sometimes commit suicide. I would shy away from killing unless their is a very strong reason for it, not just probabilities and guesses.

    • G

      To be honest, I’d rather be not-existent than have an illness making my life unenjoyable. But well, you never know how things turn out anyway, anything is possible, that’s for sure.
      In the end it doesn’t matter whether the child ‘might’ have a good/bad life or the parents ‘might’ be good/bad ones, because it is the here and now that matters. If I felt it was wrong to have a baby NOW due to my CURRENT position as a student and in regards to my youth and career prospects, an abortion would be the right thing for me to do AT THAT MOMENT. If I heard the baby’s heartbeat though, I might be so touched and change my mind. Who knows.
      Still, I wouldn’t say that abortion is wrong. Again, a foetus is not yet a ‘being’ in my eyes, only a ‘potential’ one, thus I wouldn’t consider abortion as murder.
      Every individual can make his/her own decisions. And having a baby simply IS a decision for life.

      • monikarudzinskaite

        It is very easy to say that you would better not exist at all than have an illness making your life unenjoyable when you EXIST.
        Let’s assume that a foetus does not belong to itself, if you insist. Let’s call it then ‘a potential human being’. You still say that you would rather have an abortion than let your child being mistreated. But still, why do you think you have a right to decide for someone else? What if it was psychologically ill, but HAPPY? What then? Why do you think you could decide for it? And what if you are wrong? Let’s say, you decided that a 7th child in your family would be too much, and had an abortion. But what if that child was supposed to change the world? You can never know. Did you know that Beethoven was the 7th child in his family and his mother had syphilis?… What if she had had an abortion? And did you know that Newton grew up in the street? Do you still think that it would have been better if their mothers had had abortions?.. .
        What I want to say by these examples is that you can never know who is your child going to be – a talented musician, physician or even a politician, who might change the world. A decision to have an abortion is not only your decision, it is also the decision of your potential child. Human beings have a desire to be happy, and you KILL that desire without having let it try…

      • G

        If I didn’t exist, I wouldn’t have anything to argue about.
        I think the right to decide for an unborn lies in one’s hand as it is not “someone” yet. Yes, who knows, maybe, if it was born, it would become a world-changing person. But the life will do without it, too. If not it changes the world, someone else will.
        Example; “Francis Bacon’s goose was cooked by a chicken. Excited by the idea of home freezing, he stopped on a journey through wintry London to stuf a chicken with snow to see if it would preserve it. He caught a chill and died a few days later.” (Eureka Issue 5 (February 2010)) The fridge was invented two centuries later by someone else.
        You shouldn’t dwell on something that might (have) happen(ed) (in regards to your child becoming whatsoever).
        Yes, in having an abortion you prevent a new soul from having a chance to live and be happy. But maybe it will get this chance from someone else.

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