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Carpe Diem

There’s no such an odd sensation as time. When I was at school, I couldn’t wait for the years to go by, looking forward to leaving school and generally just being older. I had the impression that  time wasn’t passing by at all. And now the second semester of uni draws to a close (well, soon) and I feel as if I’ve leapt through the past months. Does time just feel to be flying because I’ve got more going on now than when I was at school? It feels like ‘the best time of my life’, but why, then, does it have to go by so quickly? Am I missing something? Will I miss something? Will I look back in my thirties thinking I should have ‘slowed down’ a little and tried to seize the day more, rather than thinking in terms of weeks (i.e. “week 4, essay due week 5, test week 6”), which might affect my sense of time?

When you’re little, you can’t wait for your next birthday to come. Yet, as you get older, your birthdays become less special and eventually, you might start denying your age. For some people it’s about the experiences that you (can) have when you’re young. For others it’s about appearance. “How long will you like me? Till I have my first wrinkle, I suppose. I know, now, that when one loses one’s good looks, whatever they may be, one loses everything.” (The picture of Dorian Gray) Sure, we all know that these are the words of a naive boy, and that they are by all means not true. The older you get, the more experienced and wiser you become (at least, some people do). I love photography and especially taking photos of elderly people, who have wrinkles that tell their stories. Nevertheless, thinking about me in thirty years is strange. It would be nice if I became a little like my mother – a natural, ‘wise’ woman who accepts her age and looks. But who knows, I might change a LOT and become a Botox-inflated Hollywood-diva.

In the end, time is an abstract entity that might always remain a mystery. Make-up and surgeries might allow us to trick the outer glow, but even if life changes and medicine gives us some more years to live in the future, death will come at some point to each of us. But honestly, who’d like to live forever anyway?

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